This is Cole’s father, the Royal Magician, or whatever his title is.

New Chapters?

So, I don’t know if I will have much time to accomplish much writing this fall.  I am TOO damned busy.  Get on it. You have to carry the torch.

marshall name?


What’s the “bad” marshall’s name again?  I didn’t write it down and I’ve been using Zed for now.  Yes, I’m actually writing Westworld again.  I’m going to try and finish this chapter before I write another detective act forthe play.

Oh, and I thought he should be older.  Since he’s been chasing Cole from his outlaw days, I figure about 20 years have gone by…no?  Anyway, I have given him gray hair.


I am totally stuck on writing something.  Nothing seems good.  Gimme a start here.


I think whenever we read new posts we should make some sort of a comment, just so the other person knows we read it.  We can simply say “I read this.  No comments today” or something.  Just a bookkeeping thing.



We might have to make a stronger way to differentiate between the events of the past and the events of the present, just to make it very clear to our readers.  Perhaps a date and time stamp at the beginnig of the chapter (aka Stardate: 12147.a6b-42) or even something simple like Chapter titles of “The Past:  Cole and the Slavers” and “The Present:  Cole meets Krissa”  or something like that.

OR, we could  make some sort of strong mention at the beginning of the chapter of the time relative to Cole.  Hmm?

Tied up plot threads

OK, how much of this plot are we going to wrap up at the end?

Reno’s mysterious past

Cole and his brother-the beast

Cole’s elf past

Cole and “bad” marshal

Cole’s outlaw status

Bean’s missing arm

The Master’s revenge

Anything more with Rhogar–does he have a past?

More we haven’t mentioned yet?

This doesn’t all have to be resolved, but we might want to decide how much of it will all come together at the end.  My thoughts:  Brother, Master, and “bad” marshal need to have SOME resolution.  The rest can be left hanging.  I also like none of them dying, but that’s not for sure.  On the other hand, it might be good for him to kill the Master and make that the finishing point.  Hmm?

Pans Out

“Pans out” can be a goldminer’s phrase. Or maybe a particular goldminer’s phrase. One he says without any sense of irony whatsoever.


The cattle of Westworld. These are larger than regular cattle. The females are of course smaller than the males, and have horns that curl downward and end in a rounded off nub near the mouth area. The use the dulled nubs to strike the males when they get out of line. The males can be quite large (up to maybe 5 or 6 feet at the shoulder) and don’t normally have horns showing. When they are angered, however, horns slide out of sheaths in the head and can grow to be several feet long. They are also pointed on the end, making them deadly weapons.

Cole’s Hand Cannons

Cole’s pistols will have some sort of system making the hammer cock back and the trigger fire much more easily and smoothly. This makes the guns much faster to fire in the right hands than a conventional pistol. It is also able to hold a larger crystal than regular pistols, making the guns more powerful, maybe on par with some rifles, though not as devastating as a shotgun.

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